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WoodWorkerB~Datsun 240Z Rebuild: Multi-Function Switches

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Multi-Function Switches

Hazard, blinker, ignition, headlight

I will try to describe how the “MultiFunction” switches work – the hazard switch, the blinker switch and the ignition switch.  These switches are so inter-connected and they are fairly complex in the functions they support.  These are based on my 1971 240Z, but I suspect they will be similar for a wide range of Datsuns.

Our friends at Datsun really did a creative job switching all the signals necessary to get blinkers to blink and lights to light.  Sadly, they also ran full current through these switches, which can lead to some problems.

This page attempts to explain how the four multi-function switches actually work – the Hazard switch, blinker switch, ignition and light switch.


Article by WoodWorkerB