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Happy Birthday ZONC.org

You might have known that Z Owners of Northern California (ZONC) is one of the oldest “Z” clubs in northern California, and that  ZONC was established in 1972 and became incorporated in 1976.

But did you know that on April 28th 1999 ZONC.org domain went public on the world wide web!  Yes, around the same time a BETA/Prototype site called Google.com was being launched.  Heck, when ZONC.org launched Facebook was called AboutFace.

Thanks to the Internet Archive’s WayBack Machine you can see a snap shot in history back on April 28th 1999 of ZONC’s first website.  Here are timelines on zonc.org

4/28/1999 – Webmaster Gary Goodlund

6/7/2004 – Webmaster Alan Hirotani

6/3/2006 – Webmaster Karl Twiford

Back in early 2006 I met a very cool guy named RON FULLER at a car show, he told me about ZONC and that he was president of the Z Owners of Northern California.  Later that day I went on line to check out the site, I quickly felt that the site did not really show the love and passion that the ZONC folks had for the members, cars, and family.

I emailed Ron and discussed the club, the site and where he would like to see it go.  In July 2006 I took over as webmaster for ZONC.org, and still in 2016 I am proud to say I am Webmaster for ZONC.org.  This July marks 10 years for me as webmaster.  We lost Ron in 2010, but I am still grateful and thankful to Ron and the ZONC board for giving me the opportunity to serve as webmaster.

This is a awesome job! dealing with the coolest, kindest, most caring car club folks I have ever met.  They stay true to good values, love for the cars, the members, and fun.  In ten years of being the webmaster for ZONC, one moment always stays bright in my heart;


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