Technical Information Library
(updated 2/21/2000)

This page is a place to list various technical papers, publications, etc., that relate specifically to the Z Cars as well as other items that may be more generic. If you have an item that you feel would add to our library of technical information, please send an email to Gary Goodlund.


If much of your misspent youth was in the company of those "funny little foreign cars," then this collection of humorous mementos will be familiar territory: "The Lighter Side of Motoring..."


 "The Development of a Differential for the Improvement of Traction Control"

"Z" Timeline by Nissan USA

1970 240Z Press Introduction by Datsun

L28 Combinations presented by Jim Wolf, of Jim Wolf Technology, Inc. at a Z Club of San Diego Meeting.

10 Best Tools of All Time

Vintage Z Article in Popular Mechanics Magazine, also, check out Jay Leno's Garage.
Jay Leno is now a columnist for PM.

1984 300ZX 50th Anniversary Edition MSRP Window Sticker

"L-Series Engine Builder's Program"

Hi Guys,
Some time ago I wrote a program to help me mix and match Datsun L-series engine parts to come up different compression / displacement combinations. This program is useful if you ever wandered what compression ratio you would get if you swaped different heads on the same block, or bored the block or even decked the pistons.

The software runs under Windows 95/98/NT4 and requires less than a megabyte of disk space. If you'd like to use it, it's available from the Z Car Club of Sydney home page : under the technical section.

The software is provided free and "as-is", and any feed back would be greatly appreciated.


Walter Fath

Additional Technical information is presented by the Z Car Club of Sydney .


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